Our team focuses on the following research themes:

Social changes

Colonization, natural disasters, and the COVID-19 pandemic represent dramatic social changes that can leave traumatic imprints on a population. Several questions may arise from this dynamic social phenomenon. A central question in the laboratory is to better understand how individuals adapt to these dramatic social changes.


Humans are adaptive and resilient beings in the face of dramatic social change. We all possess psychological resources when it comes to coping with these changes. However, adaptation is not solely at the individual level; it can also apply to an entire community. The laboratory explores these different intra-individual, inter-individual, and intergroup dynamics that foster collective resilience.


Generally, as humans, we employ adaptation strategies to achieve a state of tranquility and well-being. For this reason, the laboratory places particular importance on community interventions aimed at collective well-being. Our laboratory not only studies well-being empirically but has also implemented a community intervention program in the field (see Project InterCom) to address the lack of individual psychological resources.



Our Vision

With its multidisciplinary approach, the laboratory directs its research activities around the following question:


What are the adaptative processes used by individuals and communities buring times of major upheaval?

The laboratory's objective is to propose concrete intervention strategies to facilitate the adaptation of our societies to dramatic social changes, whether at the level of community actions or public policies. By providing data and recommendations based on solid research, the laboratory aims to contribute to the development of inclusive, sustainable, and tailored policies for communities affected by dramatic social changes.

Our Values

Collaboration and Sharing

Collaboration is a key value of our laboratory. Teamwork and sharing our knowledge and expertise establish a sense of synergy and cohesion within the laboratory. Collaboration also improves productivity so that all laboratory members combine their skills to produce quality work.


Our laboratory advocates diversity and inclusion. We work hard to ensure a safe climate where each laboratory member can feel at home. We want every member to feel respected, valued, and able to express their authentic selves, regardless of their demographic profile. No form of discrimination will be tolerated in our laboratory.

Scientific Rigor

Scientific rigor is essential for quality projects. It is important to adhere to the scientific criteria advocated in the research world. We encourage all laboratory members to document their research activities meticulously and in detail. Additionally, we believe in maintaining honest and transparent conduct when presenting our research data. We also adhere to open data values and promote interdisciplinary work to enhance scientific rigor within our laboratory.




Self-actualization is highly valued at CSAB. We are all beings in construction, and we want each laboratory member to reach their full potential. It is important that everyone feels good and has the freedom to pursue their goals regardless of their academic stage. During this process of self-actualization, it is important to listen to one's limits and demonstrate (self)compassion.


Our projects